Теракт в Париже / The Terror Attack in Paris

Russian language practice from the contemporary Russian media - mourners at Moscow's French embassy

Audio content: Moscow residents expressing their reactions to the November 2015 terrorist attack in Paris.
Visual content: The French embassy; the informal memorial created by Moscow residents.

Video at tvrain.ru
14 November 2015

As I promised in the last entry, here are some Russian reactions to the mid-November terrorist attacks in Paris. Just as we saw in the previous video, a common Russian response to public tragedy is to bring flowers to a meaningful site. Here the informal memorial has been set up in front of the French embassy. Some particularly interesting comments–both fatalistic and resolute–come at the end, so those are the moments I have transcribed below.



Мужчина: Скажи всё-таки, почему вы сегодня сюда пришли?
Молодой человек: Чтобы выразить соболезнования гражданам Франции. Это большая утрата для нас. Мы солидарны с ними.
Журналист: У вас был кто-то там, знакомые?
Мужчина: Нет.

Journalist: Tell me, why did you come here today?
Man: In order to express my sympathies to the citizens of France. This is a great loss for us. We are in solidarity with them.
Journalist: Did you know anyone there, any acquaintances?
Man: No.

Next we see two young French women who are studying in Moscow. They express their shock, say that they wanted to be together with others and note that they have friends and family in Paris.

Then a young man notes that Moscow has also suffered from several terrorist attacks, and that no decent person can be indifferent to the tragedy in Paris.


Женщина: Как бы ни жестоко сейчас это звучало, вот, перед цветами в память о павших–лес рубят, щепки летят. Мы все пешки. Но нашим детям жить. И если… они должны жить свободными, а не боящимися взрывами [“взрывов” makes more grammatical sense] в углу. По-этому… Он еще маленький, он еще ничего не понимает. Но я ему подробно рассказывала, что такое смерть в самолете. Я привела его сюда, чтобы он прочувствовал это, чтобы он знал, что это такое. Если мы не будем этого делать, дети не будут знать, что это такое.

Мальчик: Было сем взрывов в Париже и погибли люди.

Woman: However cruel this might sound now, right here in front of the flowers placed in memory of those who have fallen–when wood is chopped, chips will fly. We are all pawns. But our children are to live. And if… they should live as free people, not being afraid of explosions in the corner. Therefore… He is still small, he doesn’t understand anything yet. But I told him in detail what death in an airplane is. I brought him here so that he would feel that, so that he would know what that is. If we do not do that, the children will not know what that is.

Boy: There were seven explosions in Paris and people died.

Молодой человек: Надо претерпеть, потому что это, так сказать, вызов человечеству, которое необходимо преодолеть. Уже это, к сожалению, они будут. От этого никуда не идти, к сожалению. Но во благо человечества, нужно бороться.

Young man: One must put up with it, because this is, so to speak, a challenge to humanity which it is necessary to overcome. Unfortunately, these things will happen. One cannot run away from this, unfortunately. But for the good of humanity one must fight.

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