Рэп-баттл: Интервью Гнойного (часть 2) / Rap Battle: Interview with Gnoiny (Part 2)

Gnoiny and Dud

Audio Content: Continuation of YouTube star Yuri Dud’s interview with the top “battle rapper” Gnoiny, and some excerpts from his rap battle with Oxxxymiron.
Visual Content: The rapper Gnoiny at his home.

Video embedded below.

A few lively parts of Yuri Dud’s interview with the rapper Gnoiny didn’t make it into the previous post, so here is the follow-up I promised. There’s an amusing segment where Gnoiny ostentatiously counts a pile of cash while fending off Dud’s attempts to cast him as a hypocrite for his obscene criticisms of “Versus,” the battle rap venue that had just made him a star. (Gnoiny attacks Versus out of allegiance to a competing venue, SlovoSPB.) Later, Dud makes Gnoiny discuss the one incident where he was in fact forced to recant some of his insults. This occurred when Gnoiny referenced Chechen women as part of his sexual posturing and subsequently began receiving threats. Finally, I also include a sample of the rap battle itself, namely the start of Gnoiny’s first round. (Note that Gnoiny uses the name “Слава КПСС” during this battle.) This is the part of the battle when, after having listened to a barrage of insults from Oxxxymiron in the opening round, “Slava KPSS” commences the relentless attack that would succeed in dethroning the established star. In particular, “Slava KPSS” targets Oxxxymiron’s 2015 album Gorgorod, a “conceptual” album that narrates the story of Mark, a writer who meets and falls in love with a young woman while being pressured by his agent to finish his manuscript.

As with the previous post, the clips featured here contain a lot of obscene language. If you haven’t already done so, read the language note on Russian obscenities from the prior post as well as the background information provided in the introduction to that post. Here are a few more obscene slang words not already translated in the last post:

заеба́ть  –  to wear someone out, generally to become tiresome, irritating, boring
заеби́сь  –  used in the predicate, means “awesome, great, excellent”
на́ хуй  –  with “пошёл” implied, means “fuck off”, or is an interrogative, “what the fuck for?”
ни хуя́  –  obscene alternative to “ничего”
пизда́тый  –  excellent, high quality

The full text of the Gnoiny / Oxxxymiron battle is available here.

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Clip One – A Clip from Gnoiny’s Victorious Performance


[English translation below]

Ресторатор: SLOVOSPB. Первое слово Славы КПСС. Дайте максимум!

Слава КПСС [=Гнойный]:
Слава КПСС и Oxxxy – новая панк волна.
Все ждали выступления короля и шута!

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